Our Services

Enhancement Medicine provides the following services as part of a complete health system:

  • Consultation and Testing
    This includes a comprehensive Nutritional Evaluation, and a Lifestyle Evaluation. It may include blood tests and hair tests, serum analysis, blood pressure, stress electrocardiagram, urinalysis, and others.
  • Evaluation and Recommendations
    All data is collected and analyzed together to create a comprehensive report. Diet, exercise, lifestye, and supplments must all work together for the best results. Our reports are designed to provide information to aid you and your chosen health professional in developing a comprehensive health program.
  • Lifestyle Support Materials
    We feel optimum health and vitality can only be reached by adopting a vegan lifestyle that incorporates a majority of raw, living foods. We have a number of books on preparing raw and vegan foods, juicing, growing sprouts, and so on.